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Windmere Properties (formerly known as the “M.E.C.” Building) for sale
1351 W. North Avenue
Contact: John Stern, 414-271-0210

Vacant Lot Available for sale
2434 W. Medford Avenue
Contact: Star Property Management, 414-539-6255

“Image Beauty” commercial building property with parking lot
2213 W. North Avenue
Currently occupied but available for sale
Contact: David Tessmer, OBRE, 414-274-1644

Dynasty Developments LLC for sale as development opportunity
1801-1803 W. North Avenue

S&L Global vacant commercial land for sale as development opportunity
800 W. North Avenue
Contact:  414-218-6043

City Owned Real Estate Contact the Department of City Development – Real Estate Division, or the BID #32 office for information about purchasing a City Owned property.

North Avenue Development (formerly known as the “Alsco” Warehouse) is a 40,000 plus square foot warehouse that sits on a full city block. North Avenue Marketplace BID has tons of opportunities to invest in real estate our newly implemented Invest 32 program allows you to work directly with our BID Manager along with some of our partners in order to acquire and develop our real estate. It has been available for “best use” since 2008.  Its current use has no active third party on site. It is being held for development (lease or sale to suit).
1003 W. North
Contact: Thomas H. Schmitt, 414-328-4678

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