Marketplace BID

Marketplace BID 32

In 1984, cities in Wisconsin were granted the power to establish Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) through a process by which property owners petition for the creation of a BID that will support efforts to revitalize and improve the business area.

The North Avenue Marketplace Business Improvement District 32 (BID 32) was established in 2004 to “create a viable and sustainable commercial corridor that supports local entrepreneurs, engage current business owners, reduce blight, promote job growth, advance environmental sustainability, and encourage local, regional or national businesses to locate to the community.”

BID 32 includes all commercial property owners that are within North Avenue from I-43 to 27the Street, and Fond du Lac Avenue from 17th to 27th Streets.

Through over a decade of operation, BID 32 has been an advocate for identifying the assets and opportunities within our district, and we continue to coordinate with the City of Milwaukee to bring plans into fruition.

As of December Since 2016, then we’ve added more business, educational resources partners, and restaurants that house some of the best food in the city. BID 32 included approximately (113) commercial properties, (59) City owned properties; (1) manufacturing facility; (26) privately owned residences under four units; (6) apartments containing more than four units; (9) religious organizations, and (11) other/ tax exempt organizations including five community based organizations, and two private schools.

What’s more, as a commercial corridor, BID 32 is easily accessible as it includes important bus routes; Highway 145 and Interstate 43; along with major street access and a high volume of traffic that could contribute to economic opportunities. Along North Avenue, the average daily traffic volume is over 15,600 vehicles. Along Fond du Lac Avenue, the average daily traffic volume is over 24,000 cars within the BID 32.

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