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Our Work

Our work
Recent accomplishments of BID 32 include:
  • BID #32 has also supported major developments in our area, including the Walnut Way Conservation Corps Innovation & Wellness Center, St. Ann’s Intergenerational Center – Bucyrus Campus, and the Save-A-Lot store that is currently under construction at 2322 W. Oak Street. BID #32 supports major developments by engaging community members; raising awareness; and connecting property owners with the resources they need to stabilize their business within our district.
  • In 2015 with support from the Zilber Family Foundation, and UW-Milwaukee, the Lindsay Heights Charette took place, and community stakeholders worked together to develop concepts to revitalize the neighborhood. (Download a pdf of the Lindsay Heights Charette.) As a result of the Charette process, BID #32 has record of project proposals, and engaged property owners that are excited to learn more, and develop real estate in our district. At least three projects (2322 W. Oak St.; 2451-2457 W. North Ave; and 2100-2300 W. North Ave.) featured in the Lindsay Heights Charette are currently moving forward with input and engagement from BID Board members, and coordination from the Department of City Development.
A strong team at work:

BID 32 is currently represented by 10 Board Members, two part-time staff members, and we work closely with staff from the Department of City Development, and our outside accounting firm. BID 32’s Board members have direct assignments to focus on the areas of Outreach, Recruitment, Human Resources, Resource Development, Environmental Remediation, Streetscaping, and Economic Development. A new direction was established in 2016, and the Board has worked over the last year to establish activities that should achieve the goal of improving the quality of life for business owners and residents through measurable actions.

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