Marketplace BID

Community Based Organizations

"Empowering communities through economic and social impact, Marketplace BID is more than just a marketplace - it's a catalyst for local change."

The Friendship Club

12-Step Fellowship Services

2245 W. Fond du L ac
Phone: 414-933-7619

Curative Care – Fond du Lac Avenue

Adult Day Services

2607 W. Fond du Lac
Phone: 414-263-6732

St. Ann Center – Bucyrus Campus

Intergenerational Care Services

2450 W. North Avenue
Phone: 414-210-2450

The Social Development Commission

Description: Anti-Poverty Agency

1729 W. North
Phone: 414-906-2700

Neu Life Community Development

Community Development

2014 W. North
Phone: 414-933-3924

Marketplace BID Impact on Community

Marketing bids on community impact focus on creating positive change in the community while promoting a company’s products or services. This approach recognizes that businesses have a responsibility to contribute to the well-being of the communities in which they operate. marketing bids on community impact are an effective way for companies to make a positive difference while promoting their products or services. By focusing on creating genuine, meaningful impact in the community, companies can build strong relationships with customers and stakeholders while driving business growth.

walnut way & legacy redevelopment

Walnut Way Conservation Corp is a non-profit organization located in the Lindsay Heights neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that is committed to sustainable community development. The organization was founded in 2000 by Sharon and Larry Adams, who were concerned about the high levels of poverty, unemployment, and environmental degradation in the neighborhood. The Legacy Redevelopment Corporation is a subsidiary of Walnut Way Conservation Corp, created to focus on real estate development in the neighborhood. The Legacy Redevelopment Corporation acquires and renovates properties, creates affordable housing, and develops commercial properties to revitalize the area and create economic opportunities.the work of Walnut Way and Legacy Redevelopment is an example of a successful community-led initiative that addresses social, economic, and environmental issues. By promoting sustainability and community engagement, the organizations are creating a brighter future for the residents of Lindsay Heights.

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