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Top: Alderman Stamper and Maanaan Sabir, Co-owner of The Juice Kitchen. Bottom: Alderman Stamper with construction crew at the Legacy Ls.oft

"Step into the vibrant world of Marketplace BID - where culture and environment collide to create a thriving community. Our mission is to advance economic growth through innovative environmental solutions. Welcome to the future of sustainable development!"

Marketplace BID #32 was established in 2004 to create a viable and sustainable commercial corridor that supports local entrepreneurs, engages current business owners, reduces blight, promotes job growth, advances environmental sustainability, and encourages local, regional or national businesses to locate to our community. BID #32 encompasses all commercial property owners within North Avenue from I-43 to 27th Street, and Fond du Lac Avenue from 17th to 27th Streets.

BID #32 has been on the move! We’ve had a positive impact on improving the commercial corridors, and enhancing the experience for residents and visitors in our community. We’re proud of our many accomplishments. Some examples include bringing new commercial developments to the corridor, providing resources for enhancing building facades, beautification projects, and streetscaping improvements.

One of the highest traffic volume intersections in the City is the major intersection at Fond du Lac and North Avenue which is the epicenter of our work. We are committed to the success of this district. We will continue to work with local business owners, residents, and public service departments to address challenges related to public safety, infrastructure, and economic development.

Recently, we have been a remarkable partner to the City in advancing qualified businesses through the North Avenue Greenscaping Initiative. We are looking forward to taking advantage of the City’s Better Building Challenge that will support energy efficiency improvements for commercial properties.

In recognizing the strength and opportunities present in the 15th Aldermanic District we have been selected to host a site for the “Ramp Up” Milwaukee initiative. This initiative will feature opportunities for promising entrepreneurs to test the market in a real commercial venue. This initiative will strengthen our City’s entrepreneurs and be a model for supporting retail in our commercial spaces.

Thank you to LISC Milwaukee, the Department of City Development, and Zilber Foundation for your partnership and support.

We would love for you to join us. Please continue to check our website for updates and events.

If I can be of service, please contact me. I would love to hear from you. You can contact me by phone at 414-286-3771 or by email address at Russell.Stamper@Milwaukee.Gov.

Thank you and have a positive day,

Russell W. Stamper, II
City of Milwaukee, District #15 Alderman

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